A variation of a 4000 + year old game called UR.
Two versions shown here. The long and short line versions. The long line is definitely more challenging to get your pieces to safety.
A new take on the game of Backgammon.
With an asymmetric design and some new rules and limits, this will be a great new experience.
A simple game of cat and mouse based off an old game called Dou Shou Qi.
The larger pieces attack the smaller. Except in the case of the Imp and Ogre. The largest of the pieces is vulnerable to the smallest piece the Imp.
Considered to be the parent of checkers comes a variation of Quirkat ( also known as Alquerque or Qurkat)
Similar rules to checkers but games are much faster and pieces can move/jump orthogonally too.
A spiral racing game very loosely based off an old game called Ashtapada among other names.
Race around a pre-determine path while trying to avoid getting knocked off the board.
A variation of Pachisi for two players.
A special board and some special rules for this version of Pachisi.
The classic game of Chess blended with the uncertainty of Stratego plus the randomness of Dice.
A 10x10 board with a touch of Chaos and uncertainty infused into a game like no other. With pieces that are unknown by your opponent and a chance to lose an attack with the inclusion of dice. A chess for all beginners and a new challenge for scholars.
A bloodier and faster version of War with a 4x12 board and much fewer pieces.
There is no escaping your bloody destiny.
A variation of a strategy game dated to the Roman Empire called Nine Men's Morris (also known as Cowboy Checkers among other names).
Line up 3 of your Men to capture the opponents men.
Not your typical Checkers/Draught game for sure. 
Jump is kinda like Checkers but with a larger board and some new rules and pieces.
Another take on the ancient game of Mehen.
A race and a war for who can upgrade first and defeat the enemy.
From the past comes another game which was played over 4000 years ago called Senet
It is a race to escape the board in this blocking game.
From South America comes a game that King Tut supposedly played called Patolli.
It's only four squares you have to worry about. How hard can it be to get home?
An variation of an ancient viking game called Hnefatafl  (nef-a-ta-full) 
Instead of an 11x11 board this one uses a 9x9 board with a reduced amount of pieces. There are also 5 King spaces. Only the King can enter these areas. 
Save the princess in this variation of War.
The princess has been captured and the goal of each army is to get her back.
A variation of the Japanese game of Shogi.
A game of promotion and war.
An variation of an ancient game called Ludus Latrunculorum
A game thats has similarities to NEF but with equal sides and two Kings. 
All the heroes are gone and its up to the pawns to protect the injured princess from each army.
It is a hunt for the enemy princess.
A combination of Jump and just the pawns from War with some special rules for this last man or men standing game. 
Two games at once with the possibility of two different winners. 
Some may want to play the classics and here is the 8x8 checkers board with no leapers and jumpers can jump any pieces if moving forward.
Play the old way if you want to.
Some may want to play the classics and here is the 8x8 chess board with normal pawns and normal chess movements and no dice.
Play the old way if you want to.
Connect four in a new and interesting way.
A simple fast and fun game.
A resource management and preparation game and a race to the Clash bridges.
Build up and prepare to Clash.
A full 80 piece Stratego variation.
Not your standard Stratego with some special new pieces with new abilities. 
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