A 3 player version of QUE
Similar rules to checkers but games are much faster and pieces can move/jump orthogonally too.
The royal army stands between the King's and Queen's armies.
In this 2V1 version of War, two players strategize against 1 foe.
The Royal army has killed the Kings and Princesses of the two smaller armies and the Queens want Revenge.
It is a race to see who can kill the King 1st while not loosing their Queen.
3 player Jumps. One player fights off 2 while preparing for the clash of all three in the center.
Can be played 2v1 or free for all.
A combination of Jump and just the pawns from War with some special rules for this last man or men standing game for 3 players. 
Two games at once with the possibility of two different winners. 
Connect four in a new and interesting way for 3 players.
A simple fast and fun game.
A 3 player version of Tego
One heck of a battle to find the princess.
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