A 4 player version of QUE
Similar rules to checkers but games are much faster and pieces can move/jump orthogonally too.
The game Pachisi for 4 players ( Requires 4 full colors with board and border pieces )
A special board and some special rules for this version of Pachisi.
Coop version of War. Players take up the Queen's Army or The King's Army.
Working together is the only way to win.
A four player version of War with smaller armies.
Who will be the last king standing?
4 player Jumps with all the same rules but with fewer pieces per player. Two different board styles.
Who will be the last man standing?
All the Kings and Princesses are gone and the Queens want revenge.
It is a last woman standing game of War.
All the heroes are gone and its up to the pawns to protect the injured princesses
Four armies hunt for the enemy princesses.
A combination of Jumpz and just the pawns from Warz with some special rules for this last man or men standing game. 
Two games at once with the possibility of two different winners. 
Connect four in a new and interesting way for 4 players.
A simple fast and fun game.
A resource management and preparation game and a race to the Clash bridges. Four player co-op.
Build up and prepare to Clash. A good co-op strategy is key to winning.
If you have two full sets you can play a full 4 player game of Tego.
One heck of a battle to find the princess.
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