Flip over the board pieces for even more gaming fun. A  blast for up to 6 players.
With 100 tiles you will build a map of edges, lines and dots with each player trying to claim the most points. The App or score sheet will keep track of your score.

Rift start
  • You start the game with the Rift (the pieces with the red crack)

  • You start and end the rift with the dot pieces. Start by placing one of the dot end pieces. 

  • Then make a random stack with the other dot end piece as the last piece.

  • Players then pick in turn from the stack.

  • Once the rift is finished the rest of the game begins

Triangle Start
  • Alternatively you can start the game with the triangle and 3 straight lines. The Rift pieces are mixed into the normal piece piles in this mode and also players have to play Rift pieces on the Rift.

Rest of the Game
  • All the piece are shuffled and then stacked in even piles next to each other.

  • Pieces are then drawn in the same order one at a time.

  • Each Line gives 1 point per Tile and 2 for each Tile with a Square.

  • Completing a Line in game gives 2 points.

  • Each Edge gives 2 points per Tile and 4 for each Edge with a Square.

  • Completing an Edge in game gives 4 points

  • Completing an Edge with a Tower before the end of the game gives 10 points for the tile with the Tower. Otherwise you get 6 points for an Edge with Tower at the end of the game.

  • Each Dot gives 1 point for each tile surrounding the Dot plus 1 for the Dot tile. Each tile with a Square around the Dot gives 2 points.

  • Completing a Dot in game gives 3 points.

  • Once all pieces have been played the game is over

  • The player with the highest score wins.




  • Special pieces have squares and require the use of the square die to win conflicts.

  • The more squares connected give more rolls to win.

  • Example : 1 square vs 2. The 1 gets one roll while the 2 gets two. Lowest number wins.

  • A square rolled by the defender kills the attacker.

  • A square rolled by the attacker kills the attacker.



  • 9 Clusters per color.

  • 6 players max with 100 board pieces

  • Use a Cluster to claim an edge, line or dot.

  • If you complete something or are killed trying to claim or defend something you will get your cluster back.



  • In 8 different colors. 

  • Towers are used to make claiming multiple edges safer. The other players cannot join or steel your edges unless they are joining with their own Tower.

  • One cluster has to be placed on the tower and you will get it back if you complete the edges in game.

  • 1 Cluster is used to keep score which reduces the playable Clusters to 8.

  • Landing on a square occupied by another player knocks the other player back 1 point.

  • Landing on a red square(or black if printed Black & White)with an exact score gains a bonus 4 points

  • Landing on one of the 2 center towers knocks everyone back 9 spaces except anyone on the tower.

  • Use the PDF below to print from.

  • Landing on a player in a Tower knocks them back 20 points