The idea for Chestego started 3 years ago and it was going to be made out of wood..... Lucky for my fingers I decided that it was just too limited.
I then began my journey thru the 3D printing rabbit hole. I landed on Monoprice and a delta something printer. It worked but it wasn't great. That is when I bought my first Prusa printer and I doubt I will ever switch to another company. Great printers!! and great service. So I started prototyping and prototyping and proto......etc etc. 
This is maybe a forth generation prototype.
Also, this was probably the start of the border . It had locking red pieces which I am sure would have been easily lost. This is also before I started slanting surfaces to get better prints
This is my Crazy box/border idea which took more time to print than the whole game. It was fun to make and it worked . Maybe someday I will sell it when printing is faster and cheaper.
After the super complicated box idea I flipped around 180 degrees and went super retro with burlap bags. They are really nice but in the end just a simple cardboard box is better.
This was one of the first border prototypes. It took a lot of making the connectors bigger and smaller until it clicked together but was not too tight or too loose. Wow it took tons of prototypes. Its also when I started adding siding to the pieces to get nice surfaces everywhere.
This is a zig-zag siding pattern which was kinda cool but the more simple lines ended up looking a little better. It is way too hard to get nice 3d printed irregular shaped flat surfaces so that is where this siding idea came from. Maybe with SLA or some future printer this will not be needed.
I found out about wood PLA so I just had to try it out. Very cool stuff but with the amount of pieces it was going to take forever just by hand. 
I created this crazy box so I could stain all the pieces... The bottom plate was magnetically attached so I could take it off and put on a different one. I used masking and painters tape with little magnets to hold it. I had to make a bunch of wood kits for Kickstarter backers and they would not have been possible without this spray box. The above pictures are before I started to spray...It was not this pretty after I started using it. It looks and feels very cool. Part wood and part plastic. Not sure I will make anymore of these. Maybe with some kind of robotic automation..
The first box divider was super complex and was using the border pieces to create the walls. It took forever to setup and was not really that stable.
That evolved into a very simple 4 part divider that is simple to setup and very stable and quick to print.
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 1.13.08 PM.png
Currently I am trying to find the time to finish the app version of the game. The website works as an interim at the moment but a dedicated app will be more flexible. My goal is by the end of this year. I am going to start an Indiegogo to try to get enough support to get it done. 
If you got to this point thank you for your time :) It has been a fun process and I will keep evolving the game system as my 3D printing and design skills improve.